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It is in the interest of all to preserve and protect the Indian River Lagoon and The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  Anglers, Birders, Hunters, and Recreational Boaters unite to save the most diverse estuary in the United States.   The Refuge has received annual budget cuts resulting in less staff and equipment for maintenance; scientific studies concerning the health of the Indian River Lagoon; and the protection of endangered and threatened wildlife.  This is illustrated by the reduction in the number of prescribed burns recommended by scientists; the inability to implement other scientific programs designed to monitor and save threatened and endangered species; the lack of road maintenance; and ability to ensure a healthy and vibrant Refuge and Lagoon.  The Merritt Island Wildlife Association was established to assist the Refuge by providing volunteers and funding.  Association funding is derived from membership dues, operation of the visitors center book store, bequeaths, donations and fund-raising events.

Please join the Merritt Island Wildlife Association in its efforts to assist our Refuge.  

Thank you to all of our volunteers for providing visitor center services and for providing their time to clean up the Refuge. 

Please see the attached membership link to join.  http://www.merrittislandwildlifeassociation.org/index.html